For all the years I've been restoring vehicles, doing modifications, ressurrections, repairs and the likes, it has come a
time that I simply must ask;

How much do most people plan to spend on their project?

How long do most people plan to accept the project for what it is and continue to work toward what they expect it to

I have many, many articles other people have written, and I do keep copies, about what it really costs to do a
restoration (or modification, ressurrection, etc.) and how long the painstaking process really is.   Example, just like
today, I get calls all the time about how a project is wanted, expected to be time wise,  detail wise, and cost guess
wise.  For some reason when it got to the cost amount it was obvious that research was laking.  Almost every person
who inquires or has done a project is/was suprised by the cost, estimate or actual.  By now, after my 22 years in
business, I thought that word would have gotten out; it's expensive!   You can't plan on resale value, there will be no
market that way.  Even at auction, by the time your vehicle lands on the auction floor you will have invested at least
three time your opinion value of the vehicle.  Wow, huh.

Know this. projects don't turn out in calculated time frames, rather they evolve over time.  If you have a vision, a
dream, a desire, then you can probably stick it through.  But, if you have a time frame, a time limit, a need to be
finished, then you may not make it to your expected completion goals.  Reason is that these projects are all different,
every piece of metal, every component piece, every piece of rubber, clamp, nut, bolt, wire, etc.  Every piece on your
vehicle will be in need of what it needs, not what the other cars needed.  Your electrical problem won't be the same as
anyone else's because your wire is going to be broke, corroded, cut or removed, etc. some where different from that
of everyone else's.  There ought to be a
Restorer's Law; If it is, then it was, but it ain't no more.  Now you begin to
create your own.