Car Talk, Mechanics Files:
reviewer #70365 says …
five stars Nov 18, 2004.
The shop is a restoration shop that has
an actual craftsman that knows how to
actually repair a car rather than just
replace parts. If you want a shop that is
going to actually work on your car and
give you straight and honest answers I
would strongly recommend this shop. I
would not recommend this shop to
shoppers who want quick fixes and just
get by maintenance, this is not that kind of
Jason R.
Comments :    I have nothing but good
things to say about Ed and his work. I     am
extremely pleased and impressed with his
level knowledge and work on my     vehicle.
I brought him a vehicle that is not all that
common and he found a     way to get it to
where I wanted it to be.
Vehicle : 78 International Scout
Greg R. Magazine: May 2002
Comments :
    Thanks for the help on the
Buggy. Except for carpet its finished, legal
and inspected! Only 6 years... You all got a
mention when I sent info to the Manx Club
and others. Early December we shot Popular
Hot Rodding's cable show at the studios in
Vehicle: Hand BuiltDune Buggy,
Completion 2001
Kory P.
Comments :     It was really neat to meet
you and learn from you. It is rare to find
people who want to share so much
knowledge, or should I say wisdom.     
Truck is running great and Ive got a smile
on my face again. Well see you again!
Vehicle : 1965 Chevy Truck
Jon H.
Comments:  The truck has been running  
great and I have really been enjoying it.
Vehicle: 1955 Ford Truck Modified
 I went about 60 to 65 down
the freeway, the car felt good.....Thank You
so much for all the great work you did (for)
Vehicle: 1973 Corvette
Angel S.
Comments:  I have had my 54 chevy pickup
for about a year now.I have been to Classic
Coach several times in the last year. Ed does
good work. I guess I will see him in about 3 to
6 months when something falls off or breaks
Vehicle: 1954 Chevrolet Truck
Now in work: 1965 Ford Mustang
Well the Scout went in with out a
breath of life. Dr. Ed used his gift
and brought her back from the
un-starting. I love cruising. Just
wish the weather was always nice.
1963 International Scout
I love the site, so warm, so wonderful and
personal. Great photos.
My favorite vehicle is that brown car that
Edward sometimes drive. (Editors note: it's
a 1950 Dodge Coronet)
The late Mr. Bill B.
( Former Voice of Big Tex )
Comments :    Ed Brown can fix ANYTHING
except Breakfast; but thats no big    deal
because I never eat Breakfast anyway!
1974 Rolls Royce Silver
Shadow and   1930 Model A Kit Car
Judy H.
Comments :     Ed and Robin are two of the
nicest, most honest people I've ever met.
After searching everywhere in Dallas for
someone I could trust to work on my 1965
Pontiac LeMans, I was so happy to find Ed,
who assured me he could get my car to the
point I wanted it.
Vehicle : 1965 Pontiac Lemans
Reviewer geojones says . . .  
five stars  Nov 25, 2013
Comment: Best personal advisor for an
honest look at what the steps will be to
restore a family heirloom, and to have
work done correctly. No corners cut with
this man.
Vehicle: 1966 Mustang
Our wonderful customers sent this email May 22, 2015.  We resurrected their family
heirloom 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 to completion on January 2014

“Thanks to Ed -- Barb an I Took Dad's  old Ford on a Poker Run last Sunday.  
We were the only Classic Auto in the Poker Run.  We won two prizes which
paid for cost of the donation ��

Let Ed know Dad's Old Gal is doing well.  I've developed a small irritating
Exhaust Leak "Tick-Tick" in the Engine and a  Auto transmission leak.  I
continue to baby her and She continues to live in a controlled environment
here …”

You guys take care.
“God Bless
Lee & Barb”
Paul VH
"Guys- she performed like a
thoroughbred.  Tremendous power and
surprisingly comfortable.  I never felt
"Guys- she performed like a tired of
driving--even after five hours.  
cleared up. (we advised that it
needed some drive time) Weather
fantastic. Can't wait to get the top
Thanks again. Sincerely, Paul"
1963 Corvette Sting Ray
Tony V.
Date:Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The quality of work was excellent.  
Everyone that sees the car is amazed by
the paint job.
Thank you,

Chuck D.
people doing quality work
with no shortcuts.  Straight shooters
with no games played.  I would not
hesitate to use them again on another
car.  The car they did for me doesn't
just turn heads, it stops traffic.