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Engines (Many accessories are available.  Please contact us for specific details)
302,  429,   Ford 351 C, . Ford 460, .Ford 351 W, '53 6 Cyl., . Olds 330 w/2-sp Powerglide,  283,  Cadillac 390, Buick 430,    
Ford 352,  Olds 455 w/Trans, need more choices? Call (214) 741-9777 or
E-mail us with your needs.
If you do not see it here please contact us, we may have just what you need!
'71 351 C w/Torque Converter, '63 Cruse-O-Matic w/Bell Housing & Torque Converter, Ford Cruise-O-Matic Cast#
PAH-7006-D,  Torque Converter, BOP 400 w/Torque Converter Turbo-Hydromatic, Ford 460 Torque Converter, Chevy 400
w/Torque Converter, '71 Cougar C-6 w/Torque Converter, mid '80s Truck C-6 w/Torque Converter, '53 Ford Truck Granny
Gear 4-Speed w/Bell Housing, '67 (pos.) Olds Rear End, '88 Ford F-150 Truck Rear End
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