We are no longer listing on eBay
Due to our beleif that eBay is not being honest with us regarding Seller Fees and
Sales Tax collection.

Ebay recently changed how payments are collected from buyers and paid to the
seller.  It is not our policy to have hidden fees, nor is it our policy to be dishonest
and therefore to remain honest in our business practices we have chosen to
discontinue selling through eBay.  We have an online catalog, it is being updated at
this time however if you have seen any item we own and offer to sell.

We are still selling the items, we just aren't going to do it through a service that we
can't trust.

Our prices are what we think are fair, if you think we've over priced something and
you need it please make us an offer.  Please keep in mind the pricing more than
likely includes a reasonable shipping.  We normally ship U.S. Postal Service, using
Priority Mail or First Class Mail except when items are very large or heavy the UPS
Ground, with some exceptions.

Payment for items can be made via Paypal on most transactions and we will send an
invoice or there will be a link.  If you are local we will gladly accept cash and carry
by appointment.

Please contact us clacoa@yahoo.com if you need a part(s) and do not see it online.  
We are working hard to get the items searchable and active.  

Thank you for your business and thank you for understanding
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